Pomsky Puppies For Sale Scotland UK (United Kingdom) Info

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Pomsky Puppies For Sale Scotland UK (United Kingdom) Information


Below you will find all info in relation to you getting your pomsky puppy yo you.

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The pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. They are a relatively new breed and tend to be fluffy, cuddly variety, but there’s a lot of variation in these dogs as well.


We are a small family run business operating since 2007. We are specialized licensed dog breeders so you can be guaranteed that a puppy from us has been given the care and time it deserves. Denis is assisted by his Wife Diane, Daughter Katelyn and Son Sean.

Our Happy Scottish Pomsky Owners

Danielle and William Pomsky Puppy Naya Glasgow Scotland
January 12, 2018
Danielle and William Pomsky Puppy Naya Glasgow Scotland

This is just a quick message to say thank you for everything with Naya (formerly Melody).
She is such a sweet & gentle wee puppy, who loves to play & cuddle.
It's amazing how far she's come along in a few short weeks.
We don't know what we would do without her now! So thank you again!! 🙂

Here she is giving us a wink 😉

Danielle & William x

Thomas Pomsky Puppy Floyd Glasgow Scotland
October 23, 2017
Thomas Pomsky Puppy Floyd Glasgow Scotland

Hi Denis and Diane
When I was looking for a puppy online I came across your pomsky's and seen how amazing they looked but wasn't sure about buying anything over the internet.

After we exchanged a few emails back and forward I decided I had to come over from Glasgow to Limerick to see for myself the great job your doing at the kennels.

I instantly knew I came to the right place to buy a pup, I was made very welcome and had a good look at different pups before I settled on (Floyd) I've kept him with the same name.

Since he has arrived in Glasgow he's settled in so well, very intelligent pup and everyone stops to admire him everywhere he goes we hope to have years of fun ahead.

Just want to say thank to Katiebrooke Kennels keep up the good work.
Tommy x

Joanne Pomsky Puppy Miller Aberdeen Scotland
October 20, 2017
Joanne Pomsky Puppy Miller Aberdeen Scotland

Huge thank you to Dennis for bringing us so much happiness.
Miller has settled in so well, has such a lovely temperament
and has also become best friends with our cat! He gets so much
attention when we are out and has bounds of energy! We couldn't imagine life without him, thank you!

Nicky Pomsky Puppy Loki Scotland
August 4, 2017
Nicky Pomsky Puppy Loki Scotland

Just want to thank Katiebrooke Kennels and Denis in particular for the amazing dog that is Loki (kennel name David).
We were recommended Katiebrooke by a friend and have never looked back. Living so far away made us anxious about buying a pup but after speaking to Denis on the phone, our concerns were all answered. We collected our healthy little pup from Frank in Gretna and Loki has been amazing and loved since. Denis has been on the other end of the phone or email as and when we needed and no question was too daft!
Loki is obedient, relatively quiet (so long as you don't cage him!) and full of character. Our home wouldn't be the same without him. And to top it all off, his crystal blue eyes are to die for! He's admired by many, many people.

Thanks again Katiebrooke. I'd recommend you to everyone!

Nicky x

Shaazia Pomsky Puppy Skylar Scotland
May 20, 2017
Shaazia Pomsky Puppy Skylar Scotland

So initially I'd actually been on the waiting list for ages! I'd set a deposit down however I would always pass on the pups due to either the timing being off or because I personally felt the pup wasn't right for me. So fast forward 2 years... YES A WHOLE 2 YEARS ON! I eventually picked my very first pomsky puppy and it was the BEST thing I've ever done! My partner picked Skylar (was Briana) up and from there it's been all smooth sailing. We are absolutely HEAD OVER HEELS for our baby girl. Every time we take her out for walks we can't even walk 10 minutes without a person stopping us asking to pet her and asking what breed she is and overall complimenting her!

I genuinely cannot thank Denis enough, because I was probably one of his hardest, pickiest customers and somehow he put up with me, answered every single one of my daft questions and continually throughout the 2 years kept me updated on the pups he had available. Denis's puppies are the perfect example of the saying "you get what you pay for" and it's quite clear that his puppies are quality pups! We are now on his waiting list AGAIN for a second puppy! So if you're hesitant in purchasing a puppy from KB kennels, please don't worry! Your puppy will be an exceptional puppy in itself! THANKS AGAIN DENIS🐶❤️🐾

Lots of love from Shaaz, Roh and Skylar❤️🐾

Matthew Pomsky Puppy Omega Scotland
April 12, 2017
Matthew Pomsky Puppy Omega Scotland

I had been wanting a Pomsky for years and had been researching the best places within the UK & Ireland to look for one. I stumbled across Katiebrooke Kennels by sheer chance, but can safely say I am so thankful and grateful I did. I had been on the waiting list for around a year and a half, with Denis emailing me to see if my situation had changed. This April my dream became a reality as I was finally able to pick up Omega (formerly Tyler) and I can say from the bottom of my heart, this wee puppy is a fantastic. I knew from watching the webcams just how great Denis and his team were, but to say he's a quick learner is an understatement. I have no previous dog knowledge, so I am walking about as a proud Dad when my little boy can pick up on the things that I have told him within the first week of me getting him. I would also like to add that no question was too silly for Denis to ask, he is an absolute gentleman, his family & staff are a credit to their company, the friendliest close knit group you are likely to meet/speak to. All the best to Denis and his team, when I expand my family down the line, I will definitely be coming back to Katiebrooke Kennels, they do such a fantastic job, you can see all the love, care and devotion put towards bringing up a puppy.

Thanks again Denis, I truly appreciate it. If I have any pictures of Omega, feel free to use them on Facebook etc, cannot thank you enough.


Gillen Family Pup (Archer ) aka Hugo Scotland
March 3, 2017
Gillen Family Pup (Archer ) aka Hugo Scotland

What a beauty of a Pup (Archer ) aka Hugo. Settling in to his new Scottish home for just under a week now with no issues. Big thanks to Denis for all his support throughout the process and continues to give advice at any time. Thanks again from the Gillen family 🙂 xxxxx

pomsky ruth nala f1b
Laura, Christopher and F1b Pomsky Nala X Scotland
November 26, 2016
F1b Pomsky Nala X Scotland

One week ago we got our beautiful puppy Nala (previously Ruth) from Katiebrooke Kennels and she has made our family whole. From first inquiring at the beginning of the year the process has been effortless, with no question being too big or small- getting a reply within the same day. Being from Scotland getting a puppy in Ireland was daunting because of the distance but Denis accommodated a visit no problem. Within days Nala was toilet trained and sleeping through the night. She really is a wee bundle of fluff and gets complimented everywhere she goes. Not to mention how well behaved and social she is with other dogs. I would recommend getting a puppy from Katiebrooke Kennels and cannot praise this family business enough. Hopefully puppy number two will be on the cards soon.
Love Laura, Christopher and Nala x

Emma E Scotland Pomsky Milo (Simba)
August 15, 2016
Milo ( Simba ) Scotland Pomsky

We are so grateful to have Milo, previously known as Simba. He is a bundle of joy and full of energy! 5/5 Thanks Denis.

Gavin Adorable Pomsky Lia Scotland UK United Kingdom
Gavin Adorable Pomsky Lia Scotland UK United Kingdom
May 10, 2016
Gavin Adorable Pomsky Lia Scotland UK United Kingdom

Absolutely in love with Lia (now named Sora) She is a bundle of fun, cuddles and licking! Denis was great with all that was asked for him and as daunting as the process seemed it was worth it. Definitely recommend anyone to go to Katiebrooke Kennels for their pomsky and have done a couple of times already. Frank (the driver) was great at explaining everything when Lia arrived and helping me with settling her in her carrier crate which she still uses for a bed and is a lot bigger than i thought it would be! So she seems to have settled in well and i'm looking forward to my time with her every day. The whole family love her. Thank you Katiebrooke Kennels for everything!

Joe Gallagher Glasgow Scotland UK United Kingdom
January 23, 2016
Diesel and Hulk Glasgow Scotland UK United Kingdom

I wrote a testimonial on 28th Dec. Looking back I think I done Denis and his team a disservice.from my first conversation over the phone with Denis I knew that I had chosen the right person to buy my pups from.his knowledge and help with all my questions and there were plenty was first class. I was worried probably like many about purchasing my pups from the Internet. I needn't have worried my anxiety was quickly erased by Denis. I traveled over from Scotland to his kennels in Ireland. A journey I highly recommend. I seen for myself the great job Denis and his team perform in looking after the pups. His attention to detail in getting the pups vaccinated chipped and regularly checked by the vet and transported provides a 5 star service. I can't recommend Denis any higher than to say if anyone has any doubts about buying a pup from him don't he's a top man and provides a first class service as I said. My 2 pups hulk changed to (lubo)&diesel are just a joy . I have nothing but compliments every time I'm out with them . There temperament around kids and adults are great.the pups have provided loads of fun for my family in the last few weeks.anyone thinking of buying 1 do it. You won't regret it especially if u purchase it from Denis and katiebrooke kennels. Thanks again Denis.kind regards joe Gallagher

Lisa Gilligan Scotland UK United Kingdom
Lisa Gilligan Scotland UK United Kingdom
January 7, 2016
Barkley and Cleo Scotland UK United Kingdom

Since the First time I emailed Denis at katiebrooke kennels asking about a pup the service has been excellent, every email and call were answered within 10 minutes. I would highly recommend these kennels if anyone is after one of their beutiful pups, we liked them so much couldn't choose so decided to get two. I find It takes me twice as long to walk the pups as I get stopped and the pups get compliments every time we take them out. Definatly will be back again if we decide on any more 4 legged friends in the future

Joseph Gallagher Scotland UK United Kingdom
December 28, 2015
Diesel and Hulk Scotland UK United Kingdom

I would like to thank Dennis for all of his help and assistance in the buying of Diesel and Hulk. He really helped us and we would highly recommend using his kennels. The service was first class and the dogs are now settled providing a lot of fun for the family

Hayley Duffy Scotland UK United Kingdom
Hayley Duffy Scotland UK United Kingdom
August 20, 2015
Pomsky Pup Busby Scotland UK United Kingdom

We love Busby to pieces xxxx

The Gorgeous Pomsky Candy – Scotland
The Gorgeous Pomsky Candy – Scotland
June 28, 2015
Pomsky Candy's First Day Out - Scotland

I would like to give a massive thanks to Katiebrooke Kennels, especially Denis for the amazing service he offers, dedication and love he puts into every pup/mum. I would highly recommend Denis and his Kennels to everyone who is looking or thinking about buying a pup. I would also like to say if you are picking a pup then I would again highly recommend that you go and visit the kennels. It allows the pup to pick you, gives you a chance to meet Denis and see for yourself the excellent service he provides.

I would also like to say to Candy's mum Lily "a massive thanks for given me a gorgeous, mischief and very cute pup."

Thanks Candy & Nicky


Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Brown Eyes is £1400

Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Bi or Parti Eyes is £1400

Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Blue Eyes is £2000

All prices are including delivery to Gretna Scotland UK (United Kingdom).

Frank (Our Ireland and Scotland UK Driver)

Frank has over 20 years of driving experience. He delivers our dogs in our department of agriculture certified van. He loves driving and is passionate about the safety and security of your dog.

“Safe Travel for your Pomsky”

How do you deliver our Pomsky Puppy?

Scotland Delivery Information

We deliver to Scotland but not to your door.

Here are your collections points for your pomsky puppy in Scotland.

  • Gretna

On your Puppy Application Form please specify your collection point.

If you need any help please call Denis.

Import Notification (Your Responsibility)

Here is a link to British Government website so you can contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency Office responsible for importing a puppy from Ireland. They must be informed of the place of destination at least 24 hours before the expected time of arrival. Please find contact information for your Agency here. PS Do not panic this is only a simple phone call but it is your obligation to do this before getting your pomsky puppy. 

Animal and Plant Health Agency


If you would like a Pet Carrier Aviation Crate when collecting your

Pomsky Puppy please contact Denis to arrange but there is an additional cost of £100

Crate Dimensions Length 25 Inches Width 20 Inches Height 18 1/2 Inches

Contact Us – We would love to hear from you!