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Pomsky Puppies For Sale UK (United Kingdom) Information


Below you will find all info in relation to you getting your pomsky puppy yo you.

Happy reading and if you can’t find the info you are looking for then just contact us.


The pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. They are a relatively new breed and tend to be fluffy, cuddly variety, but there’s a lot of variation in these dogs as well.


We are a small family run business operating since 2007. We are specialized licensed dog breeders so you can be guaranteed that a puppy from us has been given the care and time it deserves. Denis is assisted by his Wife Diane, Daughter Katelyn and Son Sean.

Our Happy UK (United Kingdom) Pomsky Owners

Cheryl Pomsky Puppy Maci Birmingham UK United Kingdom
September 20, 2017
Cheryl Pomsky Puppy Maci Birmingham UK United Kingdom

To Denis and Staff

We would love to thank Denis and his staff for all you have done in finding us the perfect puppy our Maci (was Maise)
Thank you for putting up with the endless request for pictures and videos and endless questions.
Maci has integrated fantastically in to our family. We couldn't of wished for more kind natured, loving addition to the family.
Maci and my daughter are the best of friends and formed a bond instantly.
We are stopped when walking Maci constantly of how lovely she is and how stunning she is and how kind nature she is. Couldn't be prouder
We couldn't recommend you and your staff enough.

Kind regards

Joanne and Cheryl

Jasmine Pomsky Puppy Gabriella UK United Kingdom
September 16, 2017
Jasmine Pomsky Puppy Gabriella UK United Kingdom

Dear Denis,

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to you and your family. The support you have given us, from choosing our puppy Yuki a.k.a Gabriella to buying her and ultimately holding her in our arms and after. You have even been such good listeners to the issues / obstacles that we had in getting her.

Yuki is such a beauty and a head turner. It was surreal to finally have her with us as all we could managed was seeing her on photos and no live video. A sign and certainly meant to be.

We are all in love with her. Even my husband who was unsure. She has a calm temperament which we had asked for but does enjoy a bit of a zoomer run and boy can she run.

Thank you very much once again.

Yours sincerely,

Holly Pomsky Puppy Aliza Manchester UK United Kingdom
September 11, 2017
Holly Pomsky Puppy Aliza Manchester UK United Kingdom

Katiebrooke kennels are simply outstanding.
Right from the beginning Denis answered every question I had,
was more than happy to chat to me on the phone (even while on his holiday!)
and helped make the transport work for us due to moving house.
Our puppy Aliza was everything Denis said and more.
She is friendly with people and dogs (she loves going to doggy day care!)
and is so clever she learnt 'sit', 'down', 'shake', 'high five' and 'roll over' in less than 2 weeks.
She always gets attention out and about because she's beautiful!
Myself and my husband already love her and she is part of our family.
I am so thankful to Denis, Diane and Frank for blessing us with our Aliza.
Holly and Michael Xxx

Donna Pomsky Puppy Lori London UK United Kingdom
September 8, 2017
Donna Pomsky Puppy Lori London UK United Kingdom

Thank you so much for all your help and for sending us such a beautiful little puppy.
She’s brought so much energy, humour and love into our house.
Everywhere we go, she gets so much attention and she’s already so well socialized and masterful at handling it all,
even with young children. We couldn’t be happier, she is such a perfect, happy little soul.
Thank you also for arranging all the transport and for all the advice,
it made it so easy for us to welcome her and she’s doing so well since.
I’m attaching a photo of her here so you can see how she’s doing.
Thank you again for all the effort and care you put into everything, we couldn’t recommend you more highly.
With very best wishes,
Donna and James xx

Cameron Pomsky Puppy Toby London UK United Kingdom
September 7, 2017
Cameron Pomsky Puppy Toby London UK United Kingdom

Greetings from the Bird Family. It has been just about one year since we got Alonso aka. Toby.
We wanted to check in and let you know that we are thrilled to have him as a new family member.
He is a unique dog with a great character and those famous blue eyes.
He provides hours of fun for all of us and Oliver, Tim, Ben and particularly Bernadette have become true lovers as a result.
He really loves running free in Richmond Park and swimming in whatever pond he can find.
His recall has gotten better, but he can also be quite wilful.
He is a really calm and friendly dog and we get loads of complements about his looks and temperament.
Thank you so much again and we have included some recent photos as well.
All the best,
The Bird Family

Stephanie Pomsky Puppy Pip Lancashire UK United Kingdom
September 7, 2017
Stephanie Pomsky Puppy Pip Lancashire UK United Kingdom

Pip is the second puppy we have bought from Denis and the team at Katiebrooke Kennels.
What a dream she has been, gets on so well with Cookie (our 2yr old pomsky) and such a loving friendly dog.
We can’t go anywhere without people wanting to stop and play with the dogs!
They are both so intelligent and Pip was toilet trained in a matter of days.
I couldn’t recommend Katiebrooke kennels enough to anyone looking for a pomsky.
We have two happy and healthy pups and Denis makes the process so easy from start to finish.
He is always there to offer advice and answer any questions and in my eyes is the most professional breeder
I have come across. We dearly love our pomskys and the whole friendly pomsky community that comes with owning a dog from Katiebrooke Kennels.
Thanks again for another gorgeous pup! Kind regards from Steph, Stephen, Cookie & Pip! xx

Ann Pomsky Puppy Brogan Newcastle UK United Kingdom
September 7, 2017
Ann Pomsky Puppy Brogan Newcastle UK United Kingdom

Would just like to say a massive thank you for Brogan. Katiebrooke Kennels were amazing right from the start. We now have the perfect puppy in Brogan, We have kept his name as love it.
We can not get anywhere when we are out as everyone stops us to tell us he is the most amazing dog they have ever seen.
He is such a character and makes us laugh everyday, also very loving and fast learner. We now could not imagine our life without him.
If anyone is thinking of buying a pomsky puppy you have to choose katiebrooke kennels, they help you every step of the way.

Thank you so so much brogan has settled into our family so well.
Stacey, Ann, Paul

Keith Pomsky Puppy Hillary Leeds UK United Kingdom
September 7, 2017
Keith Pomsky Puppy Hillary Leeds UK United Kingdom

A massive thanks to all at Katiebrooke Kennels, Loki has certainly made this her forever home and settled in almost immediately.
She has masses of character and brings us all joy, bringing us all together without the need for t.v.
Thanks again for all the support and information during the purchasing of our new family member, she will be loved forever.
Many thanks
The Campbell family

Elliott Pomsky Puppy Benji UK United Kingdom
August 8, 2017
Elliott Pomsky Puppy Benji UK United Kingdom

If you are considering getting a Pomsky, I could not recommend Katiebrooke Kennels enough.

From start to finish, Denis and the team have been excellent when communicating. He spent time over the phone and answered all the questions I had - I could tell from the off that these guys were very knowledgeable and very professional. I have never been a dog owner but Denis totally put me at ease. Photos every week and the occasional video were brilliant when you have chose the puppy to keep you updated on his/her progress.

I met Frank the day of the drop off and was so helpful giving me any last minute information I required. When I laid eyes on Benji (in the flesh), I knew I had made the best decisions going with Katiebrooke Kennels - Benji was clean, inquisitive and very playful.

Thank you so much to every single one of the Katiebrooke Kennels team and no doubt will see you in the future to my little family!
Love Elliott xxx

Wendy Pomsky Puppy Alfie UK United Kingdom
August 8, 2017
Wendy Pomsky Puppy Alfie UK United Kingdom

Dear Denis,
Alfie is absolutely gorgeous. He has a fantastic temperament and gets on with the other animals in the house including kittens and dogs. 🙂
Everyone that sees him loves him too. Thank you so much for the easy process of securing him and
collecting him. The full vet/health check up complete with micro-chipping was great.
I'm sure I will be back for another!

James Pomsky Puppy Blue London UK United Kingdom
August 4, 2017
James Pomsky Puppy Blue London UK United Kingdom

I started looking into Pomskies at the beginning of the year and quickly found out about Katiebrooke Kennels. We quickly put our names down on the waiting list and within a week we had already chosen our puppy. Junior (now Blue) is everything we wished for - and more! We can’t walk down the street without someone stopping us for a stroke and to find out more about him. He has such a lovely temperament and has picked things up quickly.

Once we’d chosen Blue I introduced my parents the website - they also fell in love with the breed and have their own Pomsky Pup being delivered this weekend by Frank. In a few weeks we’re going away to Dorset for a family holiday with the pups - plus our 7 year old Chihuahua. We can’t wait!

I can’t thank Denis and his team enough for all their help, advice and support. I’m so impressed by the way Katiebrooke Kennels is run by Denis and I always fully recommend them to anyone who asks where we got Blue from.

Who knows, we might be looking for puppy number 2 soon!

Thanks again,
James, Tim and Blue x

pomsky melany testimonial
Emily and June Pomsky Mika UK United Kingdom
August 3, 2017
Emily and June Pomsky Mika UK United Kingdom

First, I would to thank Denis and the rest of the team for our lovely puppy Mika (originally Melany). When we first thought of buying a pomsky we were recommended to Katiebrooke's so we phoned Denis, who we found very helpful, and he gave us lots of advice. We went on the waiting list and after several months we saw our Mika who instantly stood out to us ☺️ After speaking to Denis and choosing Mika we went over to Ireland to visit and he could not have been more welcoming. His kennels are absolutely first class and all of the puppies seemed very happy there.
Mika has been with us now for just under two weeks and settled down straight away. We would like to thank Denis, Katie and the rest at Katiebrooke Kennels for all of their help and support 😀
Love from, Emily, June and Mika 🐾

Phoebe and Joe Pomsky Ed UK United Kingdom
Phoebe and Joe Pomsky Ed UK United Kingdom
June 2, 2017
Phoebe and Joe Pomsky Ed UK United Kingdom

So it's been 2 years since we picked up our newest member of the family.. little Ed 🙂 its crazy how much he has grown up, in such short space of time ♡ he is everything and more than we wanted, and has fitted in so well at home and even loves our cat. (winston) He is such a character and such a loving, playful yet soppy puppy. He is just perfect and has made our family complete.
Thank you so much to Denis and everyone at Katiebrooke Kennels for our perfect little Ed. He is 1 in a million. 🐶❤ Thanks again. Phoebe & Joe

Kate Pomsky Puppy Miko (Formerly Boss) UK United Kingdom
May 24, 2017
Kate Pomsky Puppy Miko (Formerly Boss) UK United Kingdom

We collected Miko (formerly Boss) in January and couldn't be happier with him or the service provided by Katiebrooke Kennels.
After a few weeks of research I decided that I would get my pomsky from Katiebrooke and the whole process from paying a deposit, choosing a puppy and collecting him was so easy and efficient that I would definitely recommend them.
Miko settled in really quickly. He has a wonderful temperament, loves to play and is always admired when we take him out.
We look forward to getting a second pomsky soon!
Many thanks
Kate, Shaun and Joe x

Celia Pomsky Puppy Yuki UK United Kingdom
May 22, 2017
Celia Pomsky Puppy Yuki UK United Kingdom

Thank you Katie Brook Kennels for our beautiful Pomsky, Yuki (was Rodrigo). He has settled in really well after only 5 days and is really sociable with other dogs. He is very gentle and quiet but is a bit wary of strangers. All in all he is a fabulous dog and is definitely one of the family now.

Liam Pomsky Loki UK United Kingdom
May 20, 2017
Liam Pomsky Loki UK United Kingdom

We'd like to thank you all at Katiebrooke Kennels for our Loki (Stacy) she settled in at home straight away and is such a happy, playful and affectionate pup, she's making friends with every human and dog she meets. She's also extremely mischievous, but she has the perfect character!

It has been such a seamless and transparent process from purchasing to collecting Loki, we cannot recommend you enough. Thank you so much again


Sarah Pomsky Dexter and Max UK United Kingdom
May 18, 2017
Sarah Pomsky Dexter and Max UK United Kingdom

Having already got our beautiful Dexter from Katiebrooke Kennels we decided to add another to our family. Naturally we chose Katiebrooke Kennels because of their fantastic service and genuine care and support. Max has settled in really well and he and Dexter quickly became the best of friends! Seeing them playing together and cuddling up melts our hearts! We are so grateful to Katiebrooke Kennels for giving us two perfect Pomskies and we couldn't be happier! We would absolutely recommend Denis and his team to anyone!

Lisa Pomsky Schumi ( Marcos ) UK United Kingdom
May 16, 2017
Lisa Pomsky Schumi ( Marcos ) UK United Kingdom

We would like to thank all at Katie Brooke Kennels for our fabulous puppy Schumi (was Marcos). Since first choosing him we have received lots of support from Denis and his team.
Schumi Is extremely clever, he learns quickly and has already settled in well. We couldn't have asked for anything more.
Everything was so simple and supportive we highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels.
Thanks again. Much love. Xx

Laura and Victoria Destiny (Now with a new name, Rousey) London UK United Kingdom
May 15, 2017
Laura and Victoria Destiny (Now with a new name, Rousey) London UK United Kingdom

From the day I first discovered the beauty of the Pomeranian Husky, I knew that it was my destiny to have one. Thanks to everyone at Katie Brooke Kennels, Destiny made her way into our home (Now with a new name, Rousey).
The process couldn't have been easier with Katie Brooke Kennels!!!

Rousey has made herself at home and we cannot imagine the house any other way, she belongs here and is an absolute bundle of joy!

I can't thank my mummy, daddy and most importantly Katie Brooke Kennels enough!

Laura and Victoria

Jackie Mat Ruby and Violet Hall Pomsky Pixie UK United Kingdom
April 29, 2017
Jackie Mat Ruby and Violet Hall Pomsky Pixie UK United Kingdom

Thanks so much to Denis and Katiebrooke kennels for our new pomsky puppy Jasmyn, now named Pixie.
We found the Katiebrooke website when we first started looking at the possibility of getting a pomsky. I was really impressed by how nothing was hidden and all the information we needed was clear, so although we live nowhere near the kennels and couldn't visit, I felt after speaking to Denis on the phone that this was the best place to get the puppy we wanted and we went on the waiting list.
Denis answered all my questions within minutes of asking which is extremely re-assuring when doing things online. He is also always available by phone. The service is very professional, from choosing our puppy to having her safely delivered from Ireland to our pick up point.

Pixie is settling in well to her new home. She has a lovely temperament and behaves really well around other dogs, we get lots of comments about that. She is calm and rarely barks, even when other dogs are barking at her. She is already learning commands and picking them up quickly.
She gets an incredible amount of attention when we're out, with people saying how beautiful she is and wanting to know what her breed is. Most people think she’s a baby husky.

Don't hesitate to go to Katiebrooke kennels if you are interested in getting a pomsky. We would most definitely recommend them.

Jackie, Mat, Ruby and Violet Hall xx

Kerry Paul Millie and Tom Pomsky Akeera ( was heather ) UK United Kingdom
Kerry, Paul, Millie and Tom Pomsky Akeera ( was heather ) UK United Kingdom
April 27, 2017
Kerry, Paul, Millie and Tom Pomsky Akeera ( was heather ) UK United Kingdom

We only ever planned on having 1 puppy but now we have 4 amazing, funny, intelligent and beautiful pups. I think I must have asked Denis 1000s of questions and each question was answered within minutes. They are very well behaved and learn very quick. I cannot thank Denis and everyone involved for another beautiful puppy.
Akeera Is such a friendly playful girl and she has made our pack complete (for now...but never say never)
Thank you all at Katiebrooke 💗💗💗

Zoe Pomsky Puppy Lexi UK United Kingdom
Zoe Pomsky Puppy Lexi UK United Kingdom
April 25, 2017
Zoe Pomsky Puppy Lexi UK United Kingdom

We fell in love with our little Lexi and despite being happy with our 2 pomskies, we just couldn't say no to her beautiful face and now Lexi has joined our family to make 3! Denis was, as usual, fantastic. Gave us regular updates, pictures and videos in the months leading up to delivery.

Lexi has been perfect, not only is she beautiful but so intelligent and very quick to learn. She has settled in very well with my other 2 pups and is so cuddly and loving!

Once again, Katie Brooke Kennels have exceeded expectations and given our family another bundle of joy! Thank you to the whole team! Xxx

Dee Pomsky Puppy Darcy London UK United Kingdom
April 21, 2017
Dee Pomsky Puppy Darcy London UK United Kingdom

From the moment we decided on Darcy (previously Roxane) to the day we picked her up, Denis and his family have been a dream. The first phone call was simple and stress free as was the rest of the process. Once a week we received a new picture of her and could watch her on the live cameras every day. Whenever we had questions an email or a phone call would be replied to within a few hours.
Once you're part of the KB family you're added to the Facebook group where the friendliest Pomsky parents answer advice on anything you need, something that's extremely helpful with such a rare breed.
Darcy is the friendliest dog ever and is not afraid of anything, a testament to how she was raised in her early days.
Thank you Denis and your family for our most recent addition, it's been almost 3 months and we cannot imagine our home without her!
All my best,
Dee (and Darcy)

Olivia Pomsky Puppy Meeka London UK United Kingdom
April 15, 2017
Olivia Pomsky Puppy Meeka London UK United Kingdom

We would like to thank Katiebrooke Kennels for the new addition to our family Meeka (Khalessi). Meeka has settled in nicely and we can't imagine life without her, she really is a bundle of joy! When I discovered Katiebrooke Kennels at first I was dubious but my mind was soon put at rest once I spoke to Denis and was rest assured the process from start to finish was smooth and well informed. Once I chose Meeka and paid my deposit we would need to wait to collect her once 3 months old. Each week Katiebrooke would send me an up to date photo, I could also watch her everyday movements on the puppy cam which was great and made the anticipation even more exciting! Meeka has now been apart of our family since November and we couldn't be happier! She is friendly, playful and loves the daily attention she gets which is all too often. Thank you Katiebrooke Kennels I'm sure we will be back again one day soon 🙂

Love Olivia, Joe , Theo , Liam & Meeka Xx

Robyn Pomsky Puppy Milo UK United Kingdom
April 12, 2017
Robyn Pomsky Puppy Milo UK United Kingdom

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone at Katie Brooke Kennels who helped us in giving our gorgeous puppy Milo (formerly Earl) a loving home! He is cheeky, fun and so lovable!
He has been settled into his new home for a few months now and has been an absolute gem. We've had no problems and he is such a fast learner! Loved by everyone and was socialized well with other dogs when we got him so is great with others.
We would recommended Katie Brooke Kennels for both their service and the beautiful puppies they breed! Our experience was flawless from start to finish.

Pomsky Luna Kuznetsov Family UK United Kingdom
April 5, 2017
Pomsky Luna Kuznetsov Family UK United Kingdom

Luna has quickly settled into her new home and is already getting along well with our other dog. She is very playful and is a quick learner. We would like to thank Denis and everyone at Katiebrooke Kennels for helping us pick the perfect puppy! All our questions were quickly answered and Luna was delivered safely to us. Thank you Katiebrooke Kennels!
The Kuznetsov family X

Sama London UK United Kingdom Rory
March 22, 2017
Sama London UK United Kingdom Rory

Thank you Denis and all at Katiebrooke for the exceptional service you provided. All our questions were answered as quickly as possible and any worries we had were immediately diffused. We could not have chosen a more perfect addition to the family without your help! The best decision we made! This bundle of love is loved by ALL unconditionally. Much love and gratitude for all you do! Xxxxxx

Greg & Lorraine Kent UK United Kingdom Pomsky Elliot
March 22, 2017
Greg & Lorraine Kent UK United Kingdom Pomsky Elliot

"We would very much like to thank Denis and Katiebrooke Kennels for taking such good care of Elliot who we have renamed Vinnie. He is a happy, healthy boy who enjoys his time out on walks and his food. He settled in to our home life straight away and we love him to bits.

Diane made us very welcome when we flew over to visit the kennels to see our puppy. The Kennels are modern, clean and very approachable. It was also lovely being able to see the whole litter plus Harmony and Erimon who were his Mum and Dad.

A massive thank you to Frank for taking great care of the pups on their transit over from Ireland.

We would happily recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone interested in owning a happy and healthy Pomsky.

Greg & Lorraine,
Kent, England

Kerry Pomskies UK United Kingdom
February 24, 2017
Pomskies Connor, Jessie and Luna UK United Kingdom

February 2017
First of all we'd like to thank Denis and all at Katiebrooke for 3 amazing, intelligent, beautiful and happy puppies.
I had so many questions to ask about the pups and each question was answered quickly with plenty of information.
I cannot speak highly enough of katiebrooke.
The pups are so good with children of all ages and have been very well socialised.
I'd definitely recommend Denis and katiebrooke to anybody. Nothing is any trouble and you'll get an amazing little friend to share your life with together.
Thanks you so much all of you.
Kerry , Tom , Paul and Millie

pomsky kelly ken
Little Bundle of Mischief Pomsky Aiyana UK United Kingdom
February 22, 2017
Little Bundle of Mischief Pomsky Aiyana UK United Kingdom

When we decided to get another pomsky as company for the little girl we already have a friend suggested Katie Brooke Website so we looked at it and found it to be very informative and easy to understand. There's also a range of pups from f1b to f2 so it's not hard to find one that suits your situation. We exchanged emails with Denis and finally chose another little girl called Kelly. Using the webcams we watched her grow and develop which convinced us that she was the one for us and as a companion for our other pomsky and our GSD. From making the choice and paying deposit until we finally collected her at Birmingham everything went smoothly. Well that is except for the awful weather and driving conditions to pick-up point!!!! Since we got her home we've changed her name to Aiyana which is Native American for little flower which is perfect match for the floral mask that she has. She has fitted in so well with our other two and in just a few weeks has become part of the family. Everywhere we take her people ask about her and admire her. So we say thank you Denis, Diane, Frank and of course Katie for the little bundle of mischief and joy that is Aiyana.

pomsky puppy bear
Dave and Myself could not be happier with our Pomsky Puppy Helen (Bear) UK United Kingdom
February 20, 2017
Pomsky Puppy Helen (Bear) UK United Kingdom

Dave and myself could not be happier with our pomsky puppy Helen (Bear) not only does she look beautiful she is intelligent and very good with children and other animals. I could not thank Denis and his team any more the process from start to finish was stress and worry free. I thought Helen (Bear) would be a little distressed after travelling but she was totally energetic and wanted to play, this was all down to the care of our puppy throughout the journey.
If you are considering a new puppy look no further!! Denis and his team are 5* and I would recommend a pomsky puppy to anyone.
Thank you Denis & team xx


Sinéad UK United Kingdom
Sinéad UK United Kingdom
January 25, 2017
The Best Pomsky Puppies Ever.

The thing that seems to speak volumes when we talk about Katiebrooke Kennels is the fact we got two puppies when at the start we wanted one.
Looking into the Pomsky breed I saw just how many people were scammed and was rather worried about getting one. We decided quite late about getting a puppy and chose Talia only a couple of weeks before getting her. When she arrived we fell in love with the pomsky breed. She drew a lot of attention, you could see that she had been well socialized as she loved it all - especially when she saw children. She was our first ever puppy and we weren't too sure what we were getting ourselves in for. Turns out we not only got an amazing puppy but we were also welcomed into a family group and had constant support from the team. Getting a pomsky from Katiebrooke doesn't just add a family member it joins you to a community of wonderful people. The process and support was amazing that when we saw Pluto (3 months after having Talia) reduced he was too cute not to get. We didn't worry or hesitate for one second about having two young pups in the house as Talia was so good we knew they were coming from an amazing place. Thank you for two beautiful puppies. We recommend you to anyone that asks us about them on our walks and will continue to.

pomsky lauren adam jessie
Lauren and Adam UK United Kingdom
January 25, 2017
Pomsky Jessie (formerly Josie) Jessie is seriously the best dog a girl could ask for

From the day we brought Jessie (formerly Josie) home our lives have been changed... For the better. She is now 8 months old and we couldn't imagine life without her. She is the most friendly, energetic and loving dog you can imagine!
We searched for the perfect dog for a while and after hours of research we were set on getting a puppy from Katie Brooke Kennels. We visited Ireland in June, met so many gorgeous puppies and their mothers and realized this was the place for us. Later that day we got engaged and Jessie was available to pick online 3 days later. We fell in love with her little face from the moment we saw her.
The wait is such an exciting time, receiving weekly email of pictures of Jessie was my highlight along with spending far too many hours watching her on the web cams.
I can guarantee you will not be disappointed with a puppy from Katie Brooke, best decision we made!

pomsky teddy and mia
Helen Clarkson UK United Kingdom
January 25, 2017
Pomsky Teddy and Mia

We welcomed Teddy to our home January 2016 and he was just a bundle of perfection, so much so we couldn't wait to get him a sibling so welcomed Mia in November 2016. They are both clever, loyal and loving and extremely playful, they've certainly made our house a home, thank you so much Denis, Frank and the rest of the family for all your help.

Ketty McDowell UK United Kingdom
January 16, 2017
Marley & Mandy (George & Anita) United Kingdom

Thank you so much Denis Diane and Frank for my beautiful friends for life, Marley is almost 6 months now and Mandy only have been a week with us but she is already very comfortable at home
I highly recommend Katiebrooke_Kennels_Pomsky_Specialists they are the best on caring for the dogs and they provide of everything so you have less worries
Thank you again
Grazie mille

pomsky claire bailey
Zoe & Gary (Essex)
January 16, 2017
Our Second addition!

So the inevitable happened... we ended up with Pomsky number 2! Having got Mowgli in October we also bought Bailey in December! The best decision we've ever made!

Having seen Bailey (previously Claire) on the website, we fell in love! Despite our best efforts to talk ourselves out of it, we couldn't come up with 1 single reason not to! On Dec 22nd Bailey arrived to complete our family! I didn't think we could be lucky enough to have a pup as well behaved and easy to train as Mowgli but I quickly realized that these are traits owing to this amazing breed! The best part of everyday is watching our 2 gorgeous pups playing, growing and learning together!

Thank you Denis & family for the best Christmas present ever!

Philippa Kiki and Ludo UK United Kingdom
January 13, 2017
Pomsky Kiki and Ludo UK United Kingdom

Kiki is 22 weeks old and Ludo is 16 months old they are absolutely brilliant dogs. The whole process of having a puppy from Katiebrooke is wonderful to the weekly pup dates which is include a weekly picture to the family page which is brilliant. Denis is happy to answer any questions anytime and nothing is too much trouble I cannot recommend them enough. You can even watch your puppy daily on the webcams! I highly recommend getting a puppy Katiebrooke Kennels it is the best decision I have ever made! You are not only getting a new puppy you are joining a family.

Hannah Williams & Danny Bredwood UK United Kingdom
Hannah Williams & Danny Bredwood UK United Kingdom
January 13, 2017
Pomsky Kobe UK United Kingdom

I don't even know where to begin -- we collected Kobe on Saturday 7th January and it was a very last minute decision for us. I had my eye on Kobe for a very long time and it seemed because he was still available it was meant to be and I KNEW I needed to give him a loving home.
I messaged Denis late on Thursday 5th January praying that Kobe was still available and of course, Denis replied back the same evening saying he was and it was all go go go from there!
I cannot thank Denis enough (firstly for putting up with me going back and fourth to him about different pomskies) but we finally have our own and I cannot imagine our lives without him now. He is such a joy to have in the house and ever so clever! Kobe has settled into the family so easily and will certainly make a great best friend

pomksy opie
Lucy Our Lovely Pomsky Opie UK United Kingdom
November 14, 2016
Lucy Our Lovely Pomsky Opie

It's now been 6 weeks since Opie became part of our family and we can't get over how amazing he is. He's the most friendly dog in the world and loves to greet everyone he meets with lots of doggy kisses. We get stopped all the time with people commenting on how gorgeous he is! He was house trained within a week and he has been perfect with everything we have taught him. Thank you so much Dennis and everyone at Katiebrooke kennels, you have all been so fantastic!

Lots of love. Lucie, Rob and Opie xx

Kieran and Meggan UK United Kingdom
Kieran and Meggan UK United Kingdom
November 7, 2016
Loki our amazing puppy! UK United Kingdom

Loki has been home with us for 9 weeks now. He is absolutely outstanding, he is so calm all the time and has such a soft and caring nature. He has been easy to train, within two days he was toilet trained during in the day and within a couple of more days he was waking us up in night when he wanted to go. He has changed our lives completely and we would not have it any other way. He is a quick learner, he can sit, give paw, lie down and he stays when we feed him until we tell him he can go. He is not a fan of walking though haha. He spends days in work with Meggan and is no trouble, everyone loves him. We cannot thank Katiebrooke Kennels enough, they were outstanding throughout the whole purchase and even now they keep updated with the puppies they have sold. I would recommend them to everyone. Puppy number 2 may be on the cards for 2017. Thank you so much from Kieran and Meggan 🙂

Michelle (UK) Pomsky
Michelle (UK) Pomsky
October 28, 2016
My forever Pomsky Love

My beautiful pomsky puppy Evangeline (Kari originally) is such a lovely puppy. She's obviously come from an extremely friendly place as she is so social with not only other dogs but with people too. On top of this, she's so far been so easy to train and she's adapted so well to us.
Denis made sure everything was easy for us, going so far as to give folders out with the official papers which is incredibly useful for vet check ups. He also provided food and enough contact as to feel safe with getting a puppy with him.
As I've nearly been scammed before, we were skeptical but we couldn't have been more wrong. She's a beautiful and well breed puppy, so worth the money! Thanks everyone for the help!

Mick Hood UK United Kingdom
Mick Hood UK United Kingdom
October 16, 2016
Pomsky Vincent (formerly Chico) UK United Kingdom

From the moment we decided we wanted a Pomsky Katiebrooke was the only option. Denis was wonderful from the first phone call back until the latest email (today!) We were naturally a bit worried about sending so much money to an unknown company but Katiebrooke kennels are outstanding in the service (and dogs) they deliver. Vincent (formerly Chico) is absolutely wonderful in every way. Intelligent friendly loyal - and of course - the most handsome dog on the block. I cannot thank the team enough. He's as healthy has a lion cub and twice as fun! Great with our 4 year old girl he loves people, playing and of course naps. We cannot walk anywhere without strangers stopping to admire him. If you are in two minds about katiebrooke stop, call them, leave that deposit and wait for your dream dog.

Zoe & Gary Birmingham UK United Kingdom
Zoe & Gary Birmingham UK United Kingdom
October 13, 2016
Pomsky Mowgli Birmingham UK United Kingdom

We have had Mowgli (Formerly Cody) for just over a week now and are already madly in love with him!

He is one of the most intelligent puppies we have ever come across which seems to be a common theme with many other Pomsky owners. We can't go anywhere without being stopped every 5 steps by people who want to admire him (Which he loves :-))

We had followed Katie Brooke Kennels for months before being ready to get our pup. Without a doubt, having seen the interaction between Denis and everyone online and on the website, we knew that this would be the place we would go to! We visited the kennels in Ireland to meet Mowgli and were so impressed with the running of the place, the dogs, the staff etc. Again, no doubts! Denis was always available to speak to online or on the phone to answer my every question, we met with the family in Ireland and with Frank when he delivered Mowgli to Birmingham, they are all fantastic! I loved the bonus of being able to watch the puppies grow on the webcams as well as weekly photos from Denis leading up to getting him. The whole experience has been fantastic and we will be back for puppy number 2 as soon as we are ready 🙂

Thank you to everyone involved for completing our family with our gorgeous boy! xxx

Kerrie Our Simba ❤️ ( 🇬🇧) UK United Kingdom
Kerrie Our Simba ❤️ ( 🇬🇧) UK United Kingdom
October 10, 2016
Who u gonna call.... Katiebrooke Kennels 💞

I would like to say a huge thank you to Denis & his family for giving our little man the love attention & clearly the socialisation he has received whilst in their care. After searching long & hard on the internet for this specialist breed & experiencing many scams we found Katiebrooke Kennels. We couldn't of asked for a more helpful response, than from Denis. On question or enquiry was never a problem or any bother to him at all. We knew this was a family that adored dogs but also knew their stuff. Simba (aka Louie) came to us in September & what an absolute joy he is. He is such a well mannered dog & responses so well to praise & is a pleasure to train. Simba is fabulous with children & we are extremely happy to say part of our family, feels like he's always been here. A thousand thank you's to Denis & his family once again.... & anyone thinking of getting a Pomsky I would only recommend Katiebrooke Kennels because it is what it is.... 😉

pomsky alonso
Cameron B London UK United Kingdom
September 23, 2016
Pomsky Toby (formerly known as Alonso)

Toby (formerly known as Alonso) arrived yesterday He is 15 weeks now, very chilled and is be settling really well. Loves the garden, this morning he picked a spot under the shrubs, dragged all his toys out there and lay happily in his “outdoor” den until we had to bring him in because it was raining. Loves to catch bugs 🙂
Thank you so much for Toby we can't imagine our family without him 🙂

Claire N Pomsky Stryker UK United Kingdom
Claire N Pomsky Stryker UK United Kingdom
September 23, 2016
Perfect Pomsky Stryker

I cannot thank Denis and everyone at Katiebrooke Kennels enough for my Pomsky Stryker. I had been considering buying another dog a few years ago and when someone informed me about Pomskies, I did my research and kept going back to Katiebrooke Kennels Website. After reading the testimonials and reading what others were writing on facebook, I went on the waiting list. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been able to choose Stryker. He settled in so well, my other dog (a Lhasa Apso) took to him a lot quicker than expected. After the first day, I realised I did not need the puppy pads and despite him being here for only 6 weeks, it is very rare for him to toilet in the house. Stryker is so chilled out, loving, loves his teeth being cleaned, loves my young children and loves playing with them, loves a good walk (and run) and he loves learning new tricks. Within days of being with us, he could sit, give paw, and lay down. He can now do leg weave, figure 8, stay, stand, do peekaboo and many more. Everyone who sees him thinks he’s a very well behaved pomsky and want to stroke him. I highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels and hope to buy another pomsky in the future!

Elizabeth (Birmingham UK)
Elizabeth (Birmingham UK)
September 23, 2016
Pomsky Pup Vera (Now Luna)

Had Luna (Vera) for two days. She is a bundle of joy. She is playful and intelligent. Has already settled in well. Katiebrooke have been great from the very first phone call when I seen Vera on the website. I didn't have any doubts after that and everything was handled very professionally. Katiebrooke were happy to help with our questions, sent us useful information and kept in contact up until we received the puppy. Thank you everyone at Katiebrooke Kennels. Xxx

Callie Dees UK United Kingdom
Callie Dees UK United Kingdom
September 23, 2016
Pomsky Patch, Now Dexter......Just Amazing

We got Dexter on August 27th, after visiting him the week before. He did really well on the long journey home, and is just the most amazing, fab puppy ! He is keeping us entertained, eating the odd slipper or bag strap, but is so good generally. He responds so well to everyone, desperately trying to be friends with the cats, but not quite there yet !!!

He loves his walks, not sure about the sea yet, and sometimes stops on the way home. He is learning quickly and no accidents indoors and found the place to go in the garden. He sits to have his harness put on and runs to the back door ready !

Everyone we meet is so impressed with his behaviour - and the vet impressed with him and how well Katiebrooke have looked after him.

He's brilliant at night - sometimes takes himself to bed if we are up late ! He loves his cuddles and to see you when you've been out. We love him so much and want to thank Denis and everyone at Katie Brooke for our boy !!

Lots of love Callie, Gavin and family xxxx

pomsky bentley
Linda Armitage UK United Kingdom
August 26, 2016
Pomsky Bentley UK United Kingdom

Bentley has at long last arrived today and I can honestly say that the whole family are in love with him. I was dubious about getting a puppy that I had never met before but Denis and the team have been fantastic with phone calls, emails and regular photo updates. And of course there is puppy cam! I would definitely recommend them if you are looking to get a pomsky.
Thank you for our handsome boy
The Armitage Family xxx

Su Hickman UK United Kingdom
Su Hickman UK United Kingdom
August 26, 2016
Perfect Thia!!! Pomsky

We fell in love with Thia as soon as we saw her. Denis was fantastic from beginning to end. Frank the driver was fab too! We have had Thia for 2 days and it's like we were never without her. My 4 cats even approve! Thia is loving and beautiful. We LOVE her. Thank you Denis for completing our family

Elliott & Caz Pomsky Iris (Meeka) UK United Kingdom
August 18, 2016
Pomsky Puppy Meeka (Was Iris) UK United Kingdom

Well we have had Meeka for two weeks now and she has settled into our family perfectly. Full of energy and a real character she has been amazing with us so far. Denis was absolutely fantastic, i peppered him with emails and questions and he always responded within the hour. The service right from the outset from Katiebrooke Kennels has been fantastic and i would recommend them to anybody. Its a daunting task buying a puppy from another country and not being able to see them but Denis sets your mind at ease. Frank the driver was great was great too. I would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anybody looking to buy a pomsky. Thanks to Denis and all the team. Elliott, Caz and Meeka. X

Toni Staples Pomsky Archie (Benji) UK United Kingdom
Toni Staples Pomsky Archie (Benji) UK United Kingdom
August 18, 2016
Loving my new addition UK United Kingdom

I was recommended by a family member about this website, as me and my boyfriend wanted a dog. We contacted Denis and he has been so helpful. Any question we had, he'd answer it as quick as possible and made us feel at ease though the process. Archie (Benji) has been a great addition to the family. Everyone loves him. Everywhere we go, people fall head over heels and want to pet him. If anyone was looking to add a new addition to there family, we would recommend Katie Brooke Kennels!
Thank you Katie Brooke's for your help.

Helen and Mark Gilligan
Helen and Mark Gilligan
July 26, 2016
Pomsky Hugo~Manchester, UK

It's Hugo's 3rd day and he is already a huge part of our family 🙂 We are overwhelmed at how intelligent, friendly and fun he is! From the moment we picked him up he's been so happy and just wants to play and have cuddles! He also loved meeting family and friends, and is so gentle around children. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him, and we can't take him for a walk without someone stopping us to say hello!
Thank you so much to you Denis, you really have brought up a beautiful pomsky and can see the love he has received. You have answered all of our queries in no time at all and we have loved receiving weekly photos and watching him on the puppy cam! We will definitely keep in touch and hope we make you proud 🙂
Best Wishes to you and your family xx
Love from the Gilligans xxx

Julia, Jo and Kikki London UK United Kingdom
June 17, 2016
Kikki K

Two and a half months ago we decided that a Pomsky was for us. After hours of researching we came across Dennis who introduced us to Kikki (was Kim). We drove Dennis mad with questions but nothing was ever a problem. Growing up with dogs we both know the importance of really researching where your puppy comes from. We spoke to many people and have only ever heard wonderful things about Dennis and his beautiful puppies. From the second Kikki arrived we knew we had made the right decision. Frank contacted us when he arrived off the ferry and constantly updated us. Everything was perfect and the paperwork we received was excellent. Kikki has now been with us for two months. She was toilet trained almost immediately. Kikki has the kindest temperament. She is constantly surrounded by other dogs, young children and two feisty house rabbits...and plenty of toys. There isn't a day that goes past without somebody asking us what breed she is and commenting on how beautiful and calm she is. She does not have an ounce of aggression in her but she loves a rough and tumble. We cannot wait to surprise her one day with a handsome blue eyed cousin. Thank you Dennis for all of your advice and hard work for breeding such a wonderful puppy. From Julia, Jo and Kikki

Sam & Charlotte UK United Kingdom
Sam & Charlotte UK United Kingdom
June 15, 2016
Nala The Awesome Pomsky UK United Kingdom

First off Denis and the rest of the team were wicked from the start. Always there to answer our questions about anything pomsky related, no matter what time the questions were sent. Which was very comforting. Once making up our mind Denis helped us choose the perfect dog, Ice, who is now called Nala.

Everything Denis said about pomskies rings true in Nala. She is very playful and loving, while also being a bit of trouble at the same time. She is great in every situation, other dogs, babies, young children... Nothing has bothered her, she has been on plenty of adventures recently. She is loved by everyone she meets. I don't think we have left the house without someone asking to meet her.

I can't recommend Denis and Katiebrooke kennels enough and the pomsky breed in general. They are just amazing animals. Our first three months with her have been even better than we hoped.

Aaliyah Dickens UK United Kingdom
Aaliyah Dickens UK United Kingdom
June 15, 2016
Pomsky Pup Sky (Emily) UK United Kingdom

We were skeptical at first about buying Sky (emily) because she was reduced, and quite a bit older then the rest of the pups. But since the first day we had her, our worries were put at rest, she has the best temperament, she knows when to run around (be crazy), and she knows when it's time to relax sit down and watch a movie. She is everyone's best friend, great with new people and honestly one of the best decisions we've made. Dennis was amazing, first time puppy owners so we had a lot of questions. If I can help anyone else out, don't be put off by the fact it says reduced, SKY IS AMAZING.

Milan and Gabi (London) UK United Kingdom
June 2, 2016
Baloo (Formerly Zak)

Denis and co. have been very helpful from day one. Whenever we needed anything Denis was a phone call or e-mail away...I tirelessly contacted him every time I had a question and was always kind enough to be ultra responsive and helpful.

Baloo has been the biggest joy to have, truly the temperament and appearance of a Husky in a miniature frame and a quarter of the work! Fantastically clever little boy, he's learned everything we teach him within one day of training. He's also the most well behaved teenage doggy I've ever had (and I've had several).

I would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone looking for a Pomsky. Our experience suggests that Denis is a fantastic and caring breeder while the dogs are absolutely stunning in appearance and behavior!

Marta Pomsky Puppy Ora UK United Kingdom
May 13, 2016
Marta Pomsky Puppy Ora UK United Kingdom

Thank you Denis so much. You have been very helpful from the beginning right up to now. You respond to my e-mails within few minutes. My Nessa is gorgeous and everybody says how beautiful she is. I couldn't ask for a better puppy.

Anna & Wojtek London UK United Kingdom
Anna & Wojtek London UK United Kingdom
May 13, 2016
Nessie (was Ana) our big love! London UK United Kingdom

We are more than happy with our baby girl Nessie. She is absolutely stunning, beautiful, healthy and intelligent. I couldn't get better choice of pomsky puppy. I highly recommend Denis and Katiebrooke Kennels. Denis is very professional and was answering all our questions. Frank (the driver) was also very helpful and nice and explained us everything we should know. We could see our puppy on a live camera everyday and on a weekly updated picture sent to your e-mail address. With Denis the whole process of buying a puppy was very easy and enjoyable. They couldn't do more for us. We are already recommending Katiebrooke Kennels to others and will do without a doubt. Nessie is enjoying her new home and we cannot imagine our live's without her!
Anna & Wojtek

Pomsky Nola and Saint
Jade and Sonia Nola and Saint London UK United Kingdom
May 12, 2016
Jade and Sonia Nola and Saint London UK United Kingdom

Katiebrooke Kennels are faultless. From the start of our journey until the day we met our little ones, it was a breeze. We were able to view our puppies every day via the cameras on the website, Denis sent us an updated picture of our puppies every week so we can see how big they got and his 24/7 help was unbelievable - it seemed like we asked him hundreds of questions! He makes himself available via phone or email and he makes everything stress-free. To put it simply, if you're looking for a loving, fun and energetic puppy to add to your family, please take a look at Katiebrooke Kennels. Nola and Saint are already using their puppy pads, are very intelligent and great around others. Everyone compliments them on how stunning they are every time we go for walkies! There is a reason why everyone gives a 5 star rating.

Jade 🙂

Pomsky Puppy Bella (Previously Celia) UK United Kingdom
May 10, 2016
Pomsky Puppy Bella (Previously Celia) UK United Kingdom

We had wanted a Pomsky for a while as we wanted a lively, active dog but needed one small enough for our flat. After spending ages doing the research into breeders in the UK, we came across Katiebrooke Kennels and didn’t look back.
We’ve only had Bella for a few days and, already, we can’t imagine life without her. Denis was more than helpful from the very beginning and always answered our questions and queries quickly. We loved that we could watch our puppy on the live camera feeds and it got us even more excited for the day we collected her. Frank was brilliant when we went to pick her up and explained all that we’d need to know to make sure Bella got settled in well.
She’s a lively little character with a lot of love to give and she smells AMAZING! She’s already enjoying being out in the fields and has claimed her own space on the sofa where she loves relaxing. We couldn’t have asked for any part of our experience to be better and having Bella is the best decision we ever made.
Thank you so much to all at Katiebrooke Kennels and particularly to Denis for making our experience so enjoyable from the beginning. We can’t thank you enough!

Sophie and Liam

Jessica UK United Kingdom
Jessica UK United Kingdom
April 4, 2016
Perfect Pomsky Puppy Pearl

After spending months researching breeds of dogs with my husband he came across Pomskys and Katie Brooke Kennels.
At first I was very dubious about sending money to a company I had found on the Internet and for a puppy I had never met. But Denis was more than helpful in answering my questions day and night, and the fact he keeps in touch with people who have puppies from him put my mind at rest as I could see real people and their pups via his Facebook.
Right up to the day Pearl arrived, Denis sent us weekly photos and gave me advice to help her settle and what we would need for her. Pearl is an absolute delight, within a week of her being home she is my 13 month olds partner in crime and loves to snuggle up with my children and share toys with them, she is so gentle and patient with them! She has learnt several commands and even takes herself to the back door when she needs the toilet. Denis has continued to be a great help and checks in with me on Pearl's progress and offers helpful advice when needed. I would not hesitate to recommend Katie Brooke to anyone wanting a Pomsky, the service and care is above and beyond and our pup is most importantly happy, healthy and everything we could have wished for.

Pomsky Auzzie
Pomsky Auzzie, Staffordshire, UK, United Kingdom
March 31, 2016
Our Auzzie Above and Beyond

We simply have to share our experience. We collected our Auzzie on the 26th of February 2016 from Katie Brooke delivered with outstanding communication and help throughout. Denis was well the word amazing doesn't even start to describe how helpful and attentive he was. We messaged and spoke on numerous occasions and nothing but nothing was too much trouble. He even cooked up a little e-mail surprise for our daughter as she didn't have a clue Auzzie was coming. Our little bundle of fur is .......words don't come close. He's FAB. ! He is lively intelligent obedient and an unbelievably fast learner. If you are looking to purchase a Pomski It's Denis at Katie Brooke Thank you so much. Gary.

Jo UK United Kingdom
Jo UK United Kingdom
March 31, 2016
Amazing Pomsky Amazing Service

From start to finish Denis has been absolutely amazing. Nothing has been a problem.
Our little Luna is an absolute delight such a happy playful little girl.
I would highly recommend to anyone.

Rachel&Aliyah (London, UK, United Kingdom)
Rachel&Aliyah (London, UK, United Kingdom)
March 25, 2016
Adorable pomsky pup Leo!

My family and I couldn't be more happier to receive a beautiful pomsky puppy from Katiebrooke Kennels. Our puppy has brought so much joy and happiness to our lives and we couldn't ask for a better dog. He's so playful, loving, clever, friendly and amazing with children and everyone he meets, he's absolutely adorable and very healthy and well behaved thanks to his early upbringing from Katiebrooke Kennels. He's settled in very well and been very easy to train so far. Denis and all of Katiebrooke Kennels have been extremely helpful throughout the whole process before and after we received our puppy, with updated pictures and live puppy cameras we were able to watch our puppy grow and play and we are more than grateful for the continued support from Katiebrooke. They've been able to answer every question we've asked and advised us how to prepare for the arrival of our beautiful pup! As Denis says he's only a phone call away and it's 100% true.
Thank you so much Denis and all of Katiebrooke Kennels!

Kim Pomsky Erik UK United Kingdom
March 23, 2016
Kim Pomsky Erik UK United Kingdom

Erik is an absolute star. He is playful, beautiful and very smart already. He has started to settle in with us and the cat very well. Thank you to Katiebrooke Kennels and to Denis who has been friendly and helpful and answered all of my silly questions. Loved that Denis sent weekly photos of Eric help get us more excited about the arrival.

I would recommend Katiebrook Kennels to anyone who is interested in a Pomsky they were everything you would ever want.
Thank you once again, love Erik and his new family xxx

James & Jessica UK United Kingdom
James & Jessica UK United Kingdom
March 23, 2016
Salvo Pomsky UK United Kingdom

We are so pleased with (Barkley) now Salvo.
He's settled in to his new surroundings so well. Hes such a friendly little character & very curious of his new home & garden. He's fantastic around children of various ages & other dogs.
I am constantly stopped on our walks and complimented on how gorgeous he is, so much so I allow extra time just for our walks!
Denis was always at the end of the phone or email to answer all of our questions, and there were lots, thank you for your patience!
The way Salvo is in his personality is a testament to Denis & all of the Katiebrooke team. We thank you.

Sharon from Preston, UK United Kingdom
March 23, 2016
Bolt...our cheeky chappy! UK United Kingdom

We decided on getting a pomsky a while ago. After seeing Katie Brooke kennels online, I sent an email to Denis. He rang me and we talked about everything. He really knows his stuff! And, he cares about the dogs and where they are going. He let us pay by installments and sent me regular pictures and updates of our puppy, Bolt. When we collected him, the driver was very friendly and bolt was calm and well looked after. Bolt has fit straight in with the family. He's a cheeky little chappy that loves cuddles and playing. He was very quick to learn sit and stay. He's friendly with other dogs, loves ducks, and loves attention from other people, especially children! He doesn't bark or growl. He's So mild mannered! Everyone comments on how stunning he is...and that he looks like a fox! He's a great addition to our family and we couldn't imagine life without him! Denis has been very supportive. Always available for a chat if I have any questions and very quick to respond to messages. I cannot praise him enough for all he does!

Alannah Turner Manchester UK United Kingdom
Alannah Turner Manchester UK United Kingdom
March 16, 2016
Fantastic Pomsky Puppy Opie! (Was Pedro) Manchester

We are more than impressed and in adoration of our new pomsky puppy. We have spent the last few months watching him on the live cameras (great and fantastic idea allowing you to watch your puppy grow). He is such a loving and friendly puppy who has obviously been treated fantastically while at katie brooke. His temperament is amazing, even with children and he has settled into our home very well! He has such a cheeky personality, we are always laughing! Never a boring moment with him!

Denis and the rest of the katie brooke team have gone above and beyond with everything, they are always there for advice, before and after we got him, (and I must have drove them a little mad with all my questions) but Denis still is and was always there for a phone call or an email and wouldn't leave you waiting around for a response. I would recommend katie brooke kennels to anyone considering getting a pomsky puppy, you know just by looking at the puppies how well they are treated and looked after, and they are very healthy happy dogs!

So I just want to thank you all again for changing my life with my little furbaby!

Nadine and Stuart Eastbourne UK United Kingdom
Nadine and Stuart Eastbourne UK United Kingdom
March 4, 2016
Most Amazing Pomsky ❤️ Eastbourne UK United Kingdom

We love our pomsky puppy Rusty (used be Arnold) he is just the most amazing little puppy!! Not only is he gorgeous he is also very clever, he knows sit, paw, stay... He hasn't had one accident in the house and we haven't even had him a week! He is so good with other dogs and the children!! He has clearly been well cared for by katiebrookes kennels and I can't thank Denis and his team enough!! All my emails were answered almost instantly and I sent a few!!! We got sent photos and all questions were answered. I would certainly recommend to buy a pomsky from katiebrookes. I couldn't imagine our life without him, it's just amazing!! Anyone who is thinking about buying one but is not sure because it's over the Internet, do not worry, I have never seen such a well behaved and cared for puppy before and rusty felt at home straight away! He has been sleeping through the night in his crate and loves his walks..... He is very good on the lead!!! Life is just perfect now!! Thanks again xxxxxx

pomsky miya
Vijay Sarkaria Leicester UK United Kingdom
March 4, 2016
Miya my Gourgous Pomsky Leicester UK United Kingdom

After getting princess sasha i felt she was a bit lonely. She is so good with kids and other dogs i felt i owed it her to get another pomsky for her to play with. I spoke to Denis and a while later he got back to me with a little princess he thought i would fall in love with and so it happened soon as i saw her pic i fell head over heals in love. She has become a huge part of our life. Me and princess sasha bonded with her soo well. Princess sasha and miya are like they were born for each other the bond is amazing. Im so happy words fail me. Id like to say thank you to Denis and his family for completing my family 😍😍

Shannon and Myren UK United Kingdom
Shannon and Myren UK United Kingdom
March 3, 2016
Buck now Zeus UK United Kingdom

A big thank you to Denis for all the support and help that he has provided. Even though we did ask a lot of questions!. Zeus has finally settled in, chewing anything he can get his paws on.
Denis always has the time to email back even during his busy times at the kennels. Still helping with any concerns we have.
We never had a worry throughout the whole process, Denis was there to reassure us that everything was going smoothly. And we couldn't be happier with our gorgeous pup.

Julie (Darlington) UK United Kingdom
Julie (Darlington) UK United Kingdom
March 3, 2016
He's a beauty UK United Kingdom

We couldn't be happier with our pomsky puppy Kane (now Storm). He has settled in really well. It takes ages to take him for walks as people keep stopping us, commenting on what a lovely looking dog he is. He just loves the attention he gets. A driver even stopped us today to ask what breed he was.
Denis and Frank couldn't have been more helpful, from the moment we inquired about buying a dog to the minute we collected him. Like most people we were nervous about buying online but things couldn't have gone smoother. We are so pleased with him we are buying another, to keep him company.

Alice & Mark Read UK United Kingdom
February 26, 2016
The Cotswold Pomsky Puppy UK United Kingdom

Our beautiful boy Badger (was Gunner by princess) is delightful, he is a very social little boy. Enjoys company of adults, children and any animals, Including a house rabbit and a cat.
He adores rambling through the Cotswolds on his walks so energetic but one of the most lovely dogs.
Katiebrookes is fantastic can't recommend highly enough.

Nichola UK United Kingdom
Nichola UK United Kingdom
February 25, 2016
Pomsky Luna UK United Kingdom

Hi. We got our beautiful pomsky pup Wilma (now Luna) yesterday and couldn't be more pleased. She can already sit on command and is as bright as a button. We were at first worried about buying a pup over the Internet but so glad we did as we love her to bits already. The process was straight forward and Denis could not be more helpful. I would recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone!

Christian, Emma and Joshua Vernon UK United Kingdom
Christian, Emma and Joshua Vernon UK United Kingdom
February 25, 2016
Thank you Katie Brookes Nula UK United Kingdom

Words can't express how happy we are with our little Pomsky pup, Emma has renamed her Nula and she is a big hit with the whole family, even the cats aren't too far away from coming around to her and it's only been a few days, she is so well behaved and has taken very well to all types of training! We genuinely couldn't be happier with the whole Katie Brooke experience and especially little Nula, thank you 🙂

Pomsky Bart
Pomsky Bart (Mark Ingram) UK United Kingdom
February 2, 2016
Amazing Pomsky Bart UK United Kingdom

We can't express in words how much we love Pomsky puppy Bart. He has been a brilliant new addition to the family. He gets on so well with both my kids and the youngest child who is 4 has developed a very special bond with him. Denis was absolutely fantastic with everything throughout.
I would recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anybody who's interested in getting a Pomsky. They were very reliable, Professional, Helpful and so friendly. Denis and Frank were so nice and helpful.

Pomsky Grace
Ian (Devon, UK United Kingdom)
February 2, 2016
Pomsky Pup Grace UK United Kingdom

After finally deciding on a pomsky pup and looking around for breeders, we found Katiebrooke kennels on the Internet, very wary of buying a puppy from the Internet and Ireland we decided to ring Denis and that was enough to put any doubt out of our mind, worried that I was asking too many questions, I needn't have been as Denis was first class from day one until we finally received our pup nearly 3 months later and he replied to all questions promptly with exactly the answers we needed. Millie (Grace) was settled within days of arriving home with us and we couldn't be happier with her. If you are looking for a pomsky, DO NOT waste your time looking any further than Denis and his Katiebrooke team, cannot recommend them enough. Many thanks

Marcus and Alice Birmingham UK  United Kingdom
Marcus and Alice Birmingham UK United Kingdom
January 26, 2016
Max and Ted Birmingham UK United Kingdom

We would like to thank Denis and Katie Brooke kennels for all their help! They really made our experience of buying puppy's for the first time 100 times easier and more relaxing!! No stress involved!! We got regular updates, pictures and videos of our puppy's ! I would recommend Them to anyone! We are so so happy with our choice! Denis is so easy to contact, by email or by phone literally "any time" as they state on their website! We decided to get two! Even though it's hard work! If you are in two minds.. Go for it! Nothing nicer than watching them play together, sleep together.. We have only had them a week and they already know tricks and commands ! They are cheeky fellas though! If we decide to get anymore we would 100% come to Katie Brooke kennels ! Xxxx

Joe Gallagher Glasgow Scotland UK United Kingdom
January 23, 2016
Diesel and Hulk Glasgow Scotland UK United Kingdom

I wrote a testimonial on 28th Dec. Looking back I think I done Denis and his team a disservice.from my first conversation over the phone with Denis I knew that I had chosen the right person to buy my pups from.his knowledge and help with all my questions and there were plenty was first class. I was worried probably like many about purchasing my pups from the Internet. I needn't have worried my anxiety was quickly erased by Denis. I traveled over from Scotland to his kennels in Ireland. A journey I highly recommend. I seen for myself the great job Denis and his team perform in looking after the pups. His attention to detail in getting the pups vaccinated chipped and regularly checked by the vet and transported provides a 5 star service. I can't recommend Denis any higher than to say if anyone has any doubts about buying a pup from him don't he's a top man and provides a first class service as I said. My 2 pups hulk changed to (lubo)&diesel are just a joy . I have nothing but compliments every time I'm out with them . There temperament around kids and adults are great.the pups have provided loads of fun for my family in the last few weeks.anyone thinking of buying 1 do it. You won't regret it especially if u purchase it from Denis and katiebrooke kennels. Thanks again Denis.kind regards joe Gallagher

Lisa Gilligan Scotland UK United Kingdom
Lisa Gilligan Scotland UK United Kingdom
January 7, 2016
Barkley and Cleo Scotland UK United Kingdom

Since the First time I emailed Denis at katiebrooke kennels asking about a pup the service has been excellent, every email and call were answered within 10 minutes. I would highly recommend these kennels if anyone is after one of their beutiful pups, we liked them so much couldn't choose so decided to get two. I find It takes me twice as long to walk the pups as I get stopped and the pups get compliments every time we take them out. Definatly will be back again if we decide on any more 4 legged friends in the future

Joseph Gallagher Scotland UK United Kingdom
December 28, 2015
Diesel and Hulk Scotland UK United Kingdom

I would like to thank Dennis for all of his help and assistance in the buying of Diesel and Hulk. He really helped us and we would highly recommend using his kennels. The service was first class and the dogs are now settled providing a lot of fun for the family

Rubi London UK United Kingdom
Rubi London UK United Kingdom
December 28, 2015
Oscar aka Xavi London UK United Kingdom

Thank you Denis again. You have been absolutely amazing from the first time we spoke to the continuing support you have so kindly provided. Like many, I was reluctant to purchase over the internet, but having visited the kennels I can assure any would be buyers that all the dogs and puppies are so well looked after and are completely socialized prior to arriving with the new owners. Also just like everyone else, I can't believe how on a daily basis we get stopped and Oscar gets compliments and cuddles from complete strangers! As a family we are all so grateful to you for sending us a gorgeous, well mannered and oh so smart puppy!!

Danni, Dan and Willow United Kingdom England UK
Danni, Dan and Willow United Kingdom England UK
December 21, 2015
Willow - Milton Keynes, United Kingdom England UK

We could not be happier with our gorgeous new puppy and the service Denis provided. I have lost count of the number of people who have stopped us on our walks and asked about her.

Denis was friendly and helpful through the entire process and always available when we had questions, even when feeling poorly (hope you're better now!). Willow is incredibly friendly and enjoys playing with our 4 children and anyone/dog that she meets. She is very intelligent and independent, but also extremely loving and affectionate.

I have already recommended Katie Brooke Kennels to a few people who have asked about her.

pomsky puppy baloo
Eva Patel Harlow United Kingdom England UK
December 17, 2015
Baloo Harlow United Kingdom England UK

Thank you Denis for guiding us and being there for us throughout this process. We are still new owners but are reassured that you are there if we have any questions. Baloo is settling down very well today we have even gotten him to poo on the grass now! So happy with him and the whole process has been great.
We will keep you updated on his process!

Billy & Geet (Birmingham, UK United Kingdom)
Billy & Geet (Birmingham, UK United Kingdom)
December 2, 2015
Mario & Bobo (Birmingham, UK United Kingdom)

Just like to thank Dennis for our beautiful pomsky puppies. Mario (Al) and Bobo are absolutely gorgeous. They have settled into our family perfectly, we all love them to bits and can not imagine life without them. I would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone looking to buy a puppy. Dennis is always there for you whenever you need a question answering. Thank you Dennis and all at Katiebrooke Kennels

Aya (@ayathepomsky) London UK United Kingdom
Aya (@ayathepomsky) London UK United Kingdom
November 23, 2015
Thank you Denis for our perfect pomsky Aya (London UK United Kingdom)

We would like to thank Denis again for our wonderful puppy. Aya is beautiful, with great temperament, and very clever. She gets on great with our cats, other dogs in the park, and even our friends' small children. She's extremely intelligent, and only after two weeks already knows large number of commands and perfect at recall. We are proud parents!

Denis has been patient, kind and supportive throughout the whole progress, and it's lovely to keep in touch. We would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone.

Stephanie & Stephen (Liverpool, UK United Kingdom)
Stephanie & Stephen (Liverpool, UK United Kingdom)
November 9, 2015
Pomsky Cookie (Liverpool, UK United Kingdom)

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Denis & his team at Katiebrooke Kennels - Cookie is such a happy, loving and playful puppy! He gets so many compliments wherever he goes and loves the attention. He also has a fantastic temperament and has settled into our home perfectly. Katiebrooke Kennels are one of the very best breeders I have come across and you can really tell they care for each and every puppy. Denis is so helpful & easily contactable to guide you through every step of your puppies progress. Thanks again for one amazing little Cookie Pup! Kind regards, Steph, Stephen & Cookie 🙂

Liz & Norberto United Kingdom England UK
Liz & Norberto United Kingdom England UK
November 6, 2015
Loveable Kovu (Jersey United Kingdom England UK)

I just want to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Denis he was always there to answer any questions we had at any time of the day.
As for Kovu he is so clever and loving everywhere we go, we get stopped by people complimenting him and he loves it
We couldn't imagine life without him 🙂

Naomi Davies United Kingdom England UK
Naomi Davies United Kingdom England UK
October 28, 2015
Milo - The University Pomsky Puppy United Kingdom England UK

Wow! 6 weeks have flown by. Denis was amazing with the whole process, even after milo had arrived. He's settled in to university with me amazing and really is loved by all the house mates and lectures! He's amazing and loves going home out of term times to play on the farm. He's so smart and quick learning I look forward to another purchase from Denis in the coming years!

Andrew C United Kingdom England UK
Andrew C United Kingdom England UK
October 3, 2015
Oreo & Skye United Kingdom England UK

Can't praise Denis enough throughout the whole process, in the end I had two puppies and was told it might be a handful which for the first few weeks it really was, but Denis was really supportive in terms of advice and this helped me get through that stage, I've now got two very happy and loving puppies, they are fast learners and have a great relationship together as well as with me.

Irena United Kingdom
Irena United Kingdom
October 1, 2015
Our beautiful Rose United Kingdom

We can give the highest recommendations to the very professional and loving team of Katiebrooke Kennels!
They really do care about puppies health, well-being and the future. Denis was so helpful and nice all the way- and it was very enjoyable journey for our Rose from Ireland to the UK.
We are very happy with the new member of the family! She is so intelligent and loving (she learnt the toilet training in 4 days!!) and she can smile :))
Sending love to Katiebrooke Kennels and wishing them all the very best! 🙂
Thanks so much!
Warmest regards,
Irena& YJ

Pomsky Puppy Alfie (Cole)
Una & Warren
October 1, 2015
Pomsky pup Alfie (Cole) in Jersey United Kingdom

Thank you Denis for our amazing Alfie. He's settled in so well here in Jersey after 1 week and is so clever. He makes us laugh every day. He is the most amazing and happy puppy with such a lovely temperament.

I would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone thinking about getting a puppy. I've been to Ireland to visit the Kennels which were fantastic. Denis was always there to respond to any questions I had. Alfie is such a happy puppy you can tell he has come from great kennels.

We are sooo happy with Alfie, we love him to bits. He is spoilt rotten.

Thank u Denis x

pomsky hunter
Laura Hannah
September 21, 2015
Our Lovely Pomsky Hunter Liverpool United Kingdom

Words can not describe how happy we are with Hunter, he has been with us for just over a week and has settled nicely (even with our cats)! Getting Hunter was such a good experience, watching him grow on the puppy cameras and watching videos of him on YouTube! I would recommend Katie Brooke Kennels to anyone looking for a gorgeous pomsky! Denis was so easy to contact at any time and would always update you so you never felt insecure or worried about anything. Thank you so much Denis!☺️

Annette Brasier UK United Kingdom
September 4, 2015
Pomsky Pup Oskar England UK United Kingdom

I would recommend Katiebrooke Kennels without hesitation to anyone looking for a pomsky pup. The whole experience is so enjoyable, from the moment you pick your puppy to the delivery day.You are so excited each week to see the updated photos, not just of your own pup, but all the pups that you have come to know on photos and the live cameras. Oskar (Max) is so settled, he is almost toilet trained after only two weeks and can 'sit' and give a 'high five'. He is such a poser too, drawing attention everywhere he goes!..Many thanks to Denis and everyone at Katiebrooke for our happy healthy pomsky

Chris Evans UK United Kingdom
Chris Evans UK United Kingdom
August 30, 2015
Our boy Max(Connah's Quay North Wales UK United Kingdom)

We have had our boy Max now for nearly two months and we all cannot imagine what life would be like without him.The process of picking our pup and the support that Denis has provided has been fantastic and even now I know that if I need to I can still contact Denis with any questions I have. Initially I was cautious about purchasing a pet from the internet but for anyone looking at this site that has any doubts please take it from me, don't!There is a tremendous amount of support available from Denis who also doubles up as a puppy model on camera from time to time if you want a closer look at the pups.When our Max arrived at our house via puppy courier he exceeded all our expectations and he now has a fantastic personality and is very playful and intelligent.
Thanks again Denis!

Sam UK United Kingdom
Sam UK United Kingdom
August 30, 2015
Pomsky Pup - Leo UK United Kingdom

Thank you so much to Denis and everyone associated with Katiebrookekennels for our lovely puppy Leo! He has settled in very well and is fantastic around other people and our other dog. Turns so many heads in public and the list of compliments Leo has received is endless! Would recommend katiebrookekennels to anyone thinking about purchasing their own Pomsky Pup!

Hayley Duffy Scotland UK United Kingdom
Hayley Duffy Scotland UK United Kingdom
August 20, 2015
Pomsky Pup Busby Scotland UK United Kingdom

We love Busby to pieces xxxx

Clare Hawitt UK United Kingdom
Clare Hawitt UK United Kingdom
August 19, 2015
Hutch in Liverpool UK United Kingdom at the Beach

Thanks Katiebrooke Kennels 🙂

Vijay Sarkaria UK United Kingdom
Vijay Sarkaria UK United Kingdom
July 11, 2015
Pomsky Princess Sasha UK United Kingdom

My lovely pomsky puppy has been with me now for 3 weeks and I love her to bits .
She has settled in so well.
I was a little apprehensive of buying a puppy from the Internet but please don’t be. Denis put my mind at rest and kept me fully informed of her progress,
I loved the live puppy cameras so I could watch the entire puppy’s from day one.
Princess Sasha is now fully settled in her new home and I love her to bits.
I would thoroughly recommend Katie Brooke Kennels to anyone.

The Gorgeous Pomsky Candy – Scotland
The Gorgeous Pomsky Candy – Scotland
June 28, 2015
Pomsky Candy's First Day Out - Scotland

I would like to give a massive thanks to Katiebrooke Kennels, especially Denis for the amazing service he offers, dedication and love he puts into every pup/mum. I would highly recommend Denis and his Kennels to everyone who is looking or thinking about buying a pup. I would also like to say if you are picking a pup then I would again highly recommend that you go and visit the kennels. It allows the pup to pick you, gives you a chance to meet Denis and see for yourself the excellent service he provides.

I would also like to say to Candy's mum Lily "a massive thanks for given me a gorgeous, mischief and very cute pup."

Thanks Candy & Nicky

Karen Williams
Karen Williams
June 23, 2015
Miss Holly UK

Thank you Denis for our beautiful Miss Holly, you made the process so easy and enjoyable, I would highly recommend katiebrookekennels. Always available to help and advise, our pomsky puppy has settled so easily and has enriched our life

Margaret Smith
Margaret Smith
May 10, 2015
Pomsky pup Willow

We are truly delighted with our little Pomsky puppy Willow, she is so loving and full of energy. I am so pleased with how well she has settled in, we can't thank Denis enough for such a brilliant service and would recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to anyone wanting a new puppy.

March 16, 2015
Pomsky pup Bailey

Thank you so much Denis for our beautiful Pomsky pup delivered by you personally on 21st February.

Bailey is very loving and really well behaved, she has been fantastic with the children in the family and everything from toilet training, going on her lead and traveling in the car has been easy with no fuss at all.

Bailey is a credit to you and your staff and I would happily recommend your Kennels.

Krish Karia (London UK)
Krish Karia (London UK)
March 7, 2015
Amazing Pomsky - Kai (London UK)

We love our new Pomsky pup Kai!
Denis was always available and easy to contact and was so helpful throughout the whole process. He still helps us with any questions/concerns we have, almost 2 weeks after we received our pup! He went to extreme lengths to accommodate all our needs.
I would highly recommend Katiebrooke Kennels to everyone I know, very reliable, professional, helpful and friendly! Plus they deliver the pup to all around the UK, with passport, vaccinations and micro-chipping all sorted, along with food for the pup and any extras you would require personally!
Kai is a very healthy, happy puppy, we couldn't be happier.
Thank you again Denis!


Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Brown Eyes is £1600

Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Bi or Parti Eyes is £1600

Price for a Pomsky Puppy with Blue Eyes is £2000

All prices are including delivery to the UK (United Kingdom) delivery points.

Frank (Our Ireland and UK Driver)

Frank has over 20 years of driving experience. He delivers our dogs in our department of agriculture certified van. He loves driving and is passionate about the safety and security of your dog.

“Safe Travel for your Pomsky”

How do you deliver our Pomsky Puppy?

UK Delivery Information

We deliver to the UK but not to your door.

Here are your collections points for your pomsky puppy in the UK.

  • Liverpool
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Gretna

On your Puppy Application Form please specify your collection point.

If you need any help please call Denis.

Import Notification (Your Responsibility)

Here is a link to British Government website so you can contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency Office responsible for importing a puppy from Ireland. They must be informed of the place of destination at least 24 hours before the expected time of arrival. Please find contact information for your Agency here. PS Do not panic this is only a simple phone call but it is your obligation to do this before getting your pomsky puppy. 

Animal and Plant Health Agency


If you would like a Pet Carrier Aviation Crate when collecting your

Pomsky Puppy please contact Denis to arrange but there is an additional cost of £100

Crate Dimensions Length 25 Inches Width 20 Inches Height 18 1/2 Inches

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