Frequently Asked Questions


These are common questions we are asked regarding our Pomsky Puppies.

What is a Pomsky? (Watch our Video for more Info)

Do Pomsky Puppies Get on With Cats?


How much to Feed Your Puppy? (Puppy Feeding Chart)

The amounts shown below are meant to be fed to your puppy over a 24 hour period unless stated otherwise. Most dog bags will have this chart to reference on the side of them. Be sure to check for this label so you know how much to feed your puppy.


Dog Food Measuring Cup

Below is a dog food measuring cup normally used to help you measure out the amount to feed your puppy.


Pomsky Breed DNA Important Info

Lately we have had a few people who have asked about DNA testing of a pomsky .
Here are some of the facts.
Our parents have IKC reg papers and also a 5 generation pedigree papers making them pure breed dogs but if you did a DNA test and we have done a lot of research into DNA testing the results could show up small amounts of different breeds.
This is normal and quite common as in fact on the husky side they were cross breed back hundreds of years ago to get to where they are today.
The husky was a working dog once upon a time.
The Pomeranian was in fact never a pure breed until recent years they were crossed even more to get them to where they are today.
A Pomsky is also a crossbreed dog a mix of the Husky and the Pomeranian they are Designer Dogs
There is no such thing as a Pure Breed Pomsky they are a Cross Breed and in fact hopefully the kennel clubs will recognize the breed in time to come.
But if a DNA test was carried out the test could show up a small percentage of other dogs back two hundred years when the breeds were being established this is normal.
Like ourselves if we did a DNA test they can trace it Back thousands of years.
The results are amazing.
When we say our mothers are 100% Husky we mean they are 100% Husky and have all the paperwork to prove .
When we say our father’s are 100% Pomeranian we mean they are 100% Pomeranian and have the paperwork to prove .
A DNA test is a different thing all together this shows blood lines back hundreds of years and because they were all cross breed back the years to get to where they are today and are recognized by the Kennel Clubs as pure breed dogs .
Hopefully the Pomsky will be recognized also as a pure breed in years to come.
Also when we say 50% Husky 50% Pomeranian. It is in fact very hard to tell the exact percentage that goes into every Pomsky puppy as they can turn out either more Husky or more Pomeranian. This is the Beautiful thing about Pomskies. They are all different 50/50 is a matter of speech and used to describe the Husky/Pomeranian mix.

How much do your Pomsky Puppies Cost?

See Pomsky Prices

How much is the Deposit?

A deposit of €200 Euro is required for Ireland, EU Countries, America and Canada and it is non-refundable. A deposit of £200 Sterling is required for the United Kingdom and it is non-refundable. This can be paid via Bank Transfer or PayPal. Please see buying info page on our website for more information.

What are my Payment Options?

You have 2 Payment Options

Option 1 – Bank Transfer (No Additional Fees From Katiebrooke Kennels)

Option 2 – PayPal (Additional Transaction Fee 2.4% Per Transaction) This is not automatically added on you must add on each time you make a payment via PayPal. 

What does the cost of a Puppy include?

All of our puppies are

Fully Vaccinated

Rabies Vaccinated


Flea Treated

Vet Checked, Signed and Stamped by our Vet

Micro-chipped and a Microchip Cert with each Pup

Passport for all EU Countries

A Bag of Puppy Food

Delivery to your Destination

Also help and support all the way through, before and after you get your Puppy.

We are here for you always at Katiebrooke Kennels

How do I get on your Waiting List?

To get on our waiting list you simply fill up our puppy application form and upon approval, a deposit of €200 is required if Euro, and a deposit of £200 is required if Sterling. This deposit goes towards the cost of your puppy, but it is non-refundable. It may be transferred to a future litter until you are ready to pick.

Getting on the list guarantees you will get a puppy from us. When it is your turn to pick you can choose a puppy from whichever litter you desire. Please be patient with us and we will get you the Pomsky puppy you have always dreamed of having.

How does your Waiting List work?

We do updated photos of our puppies every week on our website. When a person sees a puppy they like,  we then advise them to make contact provided they are near the top of our list. Alternatively if we see a puppy that matches your puppy application from we will contact you. Availability works in order from when deposits were paid and waiting list order.

Each person will have time to make their decision before we move onto the next person on the list. Upon choosing your puppy full payment must be completed 14 days prior to departure. But we do advise that payments be completed as soon as possible so all paper work and transport arrangements can be finalised.

Can you Deliver a Puppy to me? (Transport)

Yes, In Ireland and the United Kingdom we can deliver your puppy in our Department of Agriculture Certified Van. Internationally we make all the arrangements on our side you just show up at your local Airport and show your ID to get your Puppy. Some countries do require an import permit so we do advise people to do some research on their end and make sure they have everything they need on their side.

Do you Deliver our Pomsky Puppy to our Door?

We deliver to the UK but not to your door.

Here are your collections points for your pomsky puppy in the UK.

  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Gretna

On your Puppy Application Form please specify your collection point.

If you need any help please call Denis.

Do you know any Breeders closer to me?

We do not like referring breeders as there are many Pomsky Scams and you should be very cautious. We get at least one person a week who has been caught out by a Pomsky Scam. Just remember if it seems too good to be true, then it is more than likely a scam.

When can my Pomsky Puppy come to my Home?

We follow each countries regulations strictly Ireland 10 Weeks, England and all EU Countries 15 Weeks and United States 12 Weeks.

What you need for arrival of your Pomsky Puppy?

Food and Water Bowl
Collar and Leash (Collar Size 9/10 inches roughly)
Dog Harness (Size Small 18.1-24.4 inches roughly get adjustable one)
Carrier Crate (If you need one please contact Denis and we can supply one at an additional cost)
Crate Dimensions Length 25 Inches Width 20 Inches Height 18 1/2 Inches
Crate Cost £100
Chew Toys
Wee Wee Pads
and most importantly love, hugs and lots of kisses xxx

Puppy Food?

We here at Katiebrooke Kennels use Royal Canin Puppy Nut, but we recommend when you get your Pomsky Puppy on the first week to integrate a Puppy Nut called Eden and start using it from there on out. From feedback from our pomsky puppy owners they have found that there pomskies are getting on very well using Eden.
Here is a link to Eden Puppy Nut if you would like to find out more about Eden
Please contact them

Do we have to Register our Pomsky Puppy?

Yes all New Puppy Owners must Register your Pup it takes no longer then 5 minutes and is your Responsibility. Here is the link to the Website where you can do it. If you need any help they have an Email Address and Contact Number on the Website.
Click here to Register Your Puppy

How much to feed your Puppy?

Puppies should be fed three to four times a day therefore if you are currently feeding ¾ a cup of puppy food twice a day you should consider spacing it out by feeding ½ cup three times a day. Smaller meals are easier to digest for the puppy and energy levels don’t peak and fall so much with frequent meals.

Do Pomskies get on well with other Animals? (Dogs, Cats, Etc)

Pomskies get on very well with other dogs and cats. They do not show any aggression. They just want to have fun and be loved.

What is done by our Vet?

All pups are certified by our vet and stamped on vaccination card.
Our vet calls regularly to check and vaccinate pups as is needed.
All pups are micro-chipped and recorded.
All vaccinations are given on time, Rabies vaccination is also given.
Kennel Cough Vaccinations also done.
All this information is recorded on EU Passport, this is then provided with each pup on leaving kennels for there new home.
24 hours before departure all pups are again vet checked and passed fit to travel.
This information is then taken into the department of agriculture for final clearance and permission to travel is received.
They will leave with passport stamped with rabies vac, micro-chip card and vaccination card.

Import Notification? 

(Your Responsibility UK ONLY)

Here is a link to British Government website so you can contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency Office responsible for importing a puppy from Ireland. They must be informed of the place of destination at least 24 hours before the expected time of arrival. Please find contact information for your Agency here. PS Do not panic this is only a simple phone call but it is your obligation to do this before getting your pomsky puppy. 

Link to Website: Animal and Plant Health Agency

What is a Bi-Eyed Pomsky?

A bi-eye Pomsky is a Pomsky with two different colour eyes i.e. (brown and blue).

What is a Parti-Eyed Pomsky?

A parti-eye Pomsky is a Pomsky with more then one colour in each eye.

How big will a Pomsky get?

We cannot guarantee size. Sometimes they may be under or over expected. Height tends to be 10-20 inches and Weight tends to be 20-30 pounds. When a Pomsky is fully grown their size will depend on their parents genetics.

Do Pomskies have Health Problems?

From research to date they can suffer from a build of plaque so they should be taken for dental check-ups regularly. But as these are a new hybrid breed there has not been any real apparent health problems.  We all still have a lot to learn about this breed.

As an extra precaution we also do a hip and elbow score of the Parents to eliminate any hereditary problems. We also ask for updates on the health of our puppies so if any health issues were to arise we could address it.

What is the expected Life Span of a Pomsky?

The expected life span of a Pomsky is 12-15 years. A healthy lifestyle for your Pomsky will help ensure this outcome. A healthy diet, weight management, exercise and proper medical care and genetics play important roles in establishing a great quality and quantity of life for your Pomsky.

Where are you Located?

We are located Rathcahill, Newcastle West, Co Limerick, Ireland

Can we come visit your Kennels?

You are welcome to our Kennels any time. We have an open door policy as long as you are getting a puppy from us you are welcome to come to our Kennels to pick out your Puppy. We do ask that you contact us just to arrange a date and time when you are calling.

Do Pomskies Shed?

Pomskies coats are between a Husky and Pomeranian coat. They are soft and fluffy with silky quality. Most dead hairs will sit on their coat until you brush them out.  Shedding is not a big issue once they are regularly brushed. In the summer they can result in heavy shedding but if you brush them daily around this time you can keep up on it without a problem.

What are the temperaments of Pomskies like?

Pomskies personalities will vary. Their personality traits come from both the Husky and the Pomeranian. They are really smart and easy to train. Like huskies they can howl but only on occasion. They will need a secure area and a decent sized yard as Pomskies have loads of energy so they do require a lot of exercise.

They love their human families and get very attached to them. They are great with kids, they provide all the love and playfulness every kid should have from a puppy. Whether you are looking a family pet, a lifelong companion or just love these dogs a Pomsky ticks all of the boxes.

Why Breed Pomskies?

Because they are highly intelligent, super cute and have great personalities which makes them an all round great dog. We are proud to be a Pomsky Specialist Breeder, helping in the development of this breed.

How do you breed a Pomsky?

A Husky female and a Pomeranian male are how you get a Pomsky. We do not do natural breeding as this would be ineffective and dangerous. We use a process called artificial insemination. We have done a lot of research and use a local canine reproductive facility for testing and quality assurance to assure the safety of our dogs and the best possible chance of pregnancy.

Do we Neuter or Spay our Pomskies?

We do not neuter or spay our pomskies. Our advice on neutering is for a male pomsky wait up until he is 12 months old.  For a female pomsky wait until she has had her first heat then neuter her 3 months after this time.
This is always your choice whether you would like to neuter your pomsky or not. Our pomskies do not come neutered.

When can we Visit your Pomsky Puppies?

Visiting Times are Monday to Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 12pm-4pm No Visiting on Sundays
Please call to arrange your Visiting Time.
Please call and give us at least 24 Hours Notice.

If we have not answered your question then just send us an email or call us and we will happily answer any question you may have for us.