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Established in 2007 by Denis Corbett Katiebrooke Kennels cater for all of our clients needs. At Katiebrooke Kennels we operate an open door policy and Clients are welcome to visit. Please see Frequently Asked Questions section for Visiting Times.

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Denis (Owner / Dog Lover)

Denis has been involved in dogs for over 30 years. It was over 10 years ago when he decided to get into Breeding Dogs. He now only specializes in Pomskies. Denis is assisted by his Wife Diane, Daughter Katelyn and Son Sean. When pups become available our Vet gives the pups a full examination heart, lungs and for any other diseases and signs their papers. All vaccinations are giving on time and a vaccination card is giving with each pup. We also give rabies vaccines and finally the dog will receive its passport. All enquiries are welcome at Katiebrooke Kennels.

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Pomsky Breed DNA Important Info

Lately we have had a few people who have asked about DNA testing of a pomsky .
Here are some of the facts.
Our parents have IKC reg papers and also a 5 generation pedigree papers making them pure breed dogs but if you did a DNA test and we have done a lot of research into DNA testing the results could show up small amounts of different breeds.
This is normal and quite common as in fact on the husky side they were cross breed back hundreds of years ago to get to where they are today.
The husky was a working dog once upon a time.
The Pomeranian was in fact never a pure breed until recent years they were crossed even more to get them to where they are today.
A Pomsky is also a crossbreed dog a mix of the Husky and the Pomeranian they are Designer Dogs
There is no such thing as a Pure Breed Pomsky they are a Cross Breed and in fact hopefully the kennel clubs will recognize the breed in time to come.
But if a DNA test was carried out the test could show up a small percentage of other dogs back two hundred years when the breeds were being established this is normal.
Like ourselves if we did a DNA test they can trace it Back thousands of years.
The results are amazing.
When we say our mothers are 100% Husky we mean they are 100% Husky and have all the paperwork to prove .
When we say our father’s are 100% Pomeranian we mean they are 100% Pomeranian and have the paperwork to prove .
A DNA test is a different thing all together this shows blood lines back hundreds of years and because they were all cross breed back the years to get to where they are today and are recognized by the Kennel Clubs as pure breed dogs .
Hopefully the Pomsky will be recognized also as a pure breed in years to come.
Also when we say 50% Husky 50% Pomeranian. It is in fact very hard to tell the exact percentage that goes into every Pomsky puppy as they can turn out either more Husky or more Pomeranian. This is the Beautiful thing about Pomskies. They are all different 50/50 is a matter of speech and used to describe the Husky/Pomeranian mix.

How we are a legal Dog Breeding Establishment

In 2010 Government signed into law the Dog Breeding Establishment Act. For the first time, dog breeders have the opportunity be regulated and inspected by government vets. DBEs also are issued guidelines from the Local Authority Veterinary Service in Ireland about good practices and animal welfare.

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Our Goal

It is Katiebrooke Kennels ambition to be standard setters and industry leaders in the keeping of breeding dogs in Ireland. Our standards are driven beyond the DBE levels by close co-operation with private veterinary surgeons and the expectations of our customers worldwide.

For example, all our mothers have only 3 to 4 litters in their lives and are then neutered and rehomed as pets in cooperation with vets and local rehoming centres, to which Katiebrooke Kennels make regular donations. Efforts are made to give maximum exercise and human contact time to all out dogs (they all have names) by enclosure design and adequate staffing levels. We feel this should be a bigger part of the DBE Act. Dogs need us too!


Frank (Driver / Dog Lover)

Frank has over 20 years of driving experience. He delivers our dogs in a department of agriculture certified van. He loves driving and is passionate about the safety and security of your dog.

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Dog Breeding Establishment Guidelines that we adhere to at Katiebrooke Kennels

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Katiebrooke Kennels License

We have 40 female dogs in our Kennels and only specialize in Pomskies.

All Enquiries are Welcome at Katiebrooke Kennels

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