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Welcome to Katiebrooke Kennels Pomsky Specialists Ireland

We are a family run business operating since 2007. We are specialized licensed dog breeders so you can be guaranteed that a puppy from us has been given the care and time it deserves. We specialize in Pomskies. We also provide a delivery service to anywhere in Ireland, United Kingdom and Worldwide. Our dogs are cared for in a professional manner, with every care taken to ensure the health and well being of all of our dogs. Our mothers, puppies and kennels are regularly checked by the Dog Warden, County Vet and our own vet. Under current legislation females are allowed 6 litters in their life time by the Irish Kennel Club Rules and Guidelines. While at Katiebrooke Kennels our mothers only have 3 to 4 litters in their life time after which we neuter them and get them re-homed in co-operation with vets and local re-homing centers.

What is a Pomsky?

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How we are a legal Dog Breeding Establishment

In 2010 Government signed into law the Dog Breeding Establishment Act. For the first time, dog breeders have the opportunity be regulated and inspected by government vets. DBEs also are issued guidelines from the Local Authority Veterinary Service in Ireland about good practices and animal welfare.

Our Goal

It is Katiebrooke Kennels ambition to be standard setters and industry leaders in the keeping of breeding dogs in Ireland. Our standards are driven beyond the DBE levels by close co-operation with private veterinary surgeons and the expectations of our customers worldwide. For example, all our mothers have only 3 to 4 litters in their lives and are then neutered and rehomed as pets in cooperation with vets and local rehoming centres, to which Katiebrooke Kennels make regular donations. Efforts are made to give maximum exercise and human contact time to all out dogs (they all have names) by enclosure design and adequate staffing levels. We feel this should be a bigger part of the DBE Act. Dogs need us too!

Our Puppy Procedure

All pups are certified by our vet and stamped on their vaccination card. Vet calls are done every week to check and vaccinate pups as is needed. All pups are micro-chipped and recorded. All vaccinations are given on time along with rabies vaccination. All this information is recorded on their EU Passport. This is then provided with each pup upon leaving our kennels for their new home. For further assurance 24 hours before departure all pups are again vet checked and passed fit to travel. Please feel free to browse our website.

Our Pomsky Testimonials

Dog Breeding Establishment Guidelines that we adhere to at Katiebrooke Kennels

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Katiebrooke Kennels License

We have 40 female dogs in our Kennels and only specialize in Pomskies.

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